Denise Lundy Photography: Blog en-us (C) Denise Lundy Photography (Denise Lundy Photography) Mon, 20 Jan 2014 04:57:00 GMT Mon, 20 Jan 2014 04:57:00 GMT Denise Lundy Photography: Blog 120 96 2014 ~ Week 3 Week three of the year 2014 was a busy one.  I continued on with my resolution of exercising more and eating better, and I must admit it does feel good to work up a sweat and feel muscles I forgot I had. I also had a blast with the Whiteland High School Rhythm Masters taking some fun portraits for their display case at the high school.  


I also rummaged around the house trying to find something historical to take a picture of for this weeks Indy Photo Coach / Indy Meetup Photo Club's photo challenge with the theme being "History."  I came across this newspaper I had tucked away and decided it was worthy of the title "Historical" so it became my photo of the week.  


Week 3 ~ HistoryWeek 3 ~ History

As I head into week four, I'm anticipating another busy week of photography as the Rhythm Masters enter into their competition season beginning with their preview night performance and after show dessert buffet reception on Thursday evening.  Then their first competition on Saturday at Fishers.  I'm really excited to see their show and capture some great performance shots of them in action. Week four, bring it on!!

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Project 52 ~ 2014 A couple years ago I decided to dive head first back into my photography and really push myself creatively, so I took on the 2012 Project 366 challenge, take a creative picture every day of the year.  It was loads of fun and really made me look at things and the world around me from different perspectives, and it got my camera in my hands on a daily basis.  It also had me looking for new techniques to use that I otherwise probably wouldn't have bothered with.   Unfortunately, after a couple of months I found the daily challenge of the Project 366 to be very difficult to keep up with given my work and personal schedule, and I wasn't able to continue with it on a regular basis.

Day 73: Mt DewDay 73: Mt Dew

So last year I decided to try something new, the weekly challenge, 2013 Project 52, take a purposeful, creative picture at least once a week.  It was a much more realistic venture given my schedule, and a huge success for me because I was able to complete the project!

Week 32Week 32

Since last year was such a success for me I decided to continue the tradition and start up again this year with my personal photography challenge, 2014 Project 52.  This year's project will comprise of images from a variety of things such as my daily life, objects I find interesting to photograph, favorites from photo sessions such as weddings, high school senior and family sessions, as well as high school show choir, musicals and plays just to name a few.  I'm also participating in a 52 Week Challenge hosted by Indy Photo Coach and IMUPC (Indy Meetup Photography Club) which consists of weekly themes, so some of my 2014 Project 52 images will be those that I submit for that group as well. 

Week 1 ~ ResolutionWeek 1 ~ Resolution

I'm very excited to see what creative juices flow for me this year, and I invite you to follow along with me on my photographic journey through the year 2014.  Check back here to see the latest images and you can also view my work on my Flickr site, and on my Facebook page.


Happy New Year!

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Stroll on the Canal Today was a beautiful fall day, and with family visiting from Wisconsin, who have never been downtown, I decided a canal walk was in order. My younger sister Elaine and I stopped for a picture with the famous Canal Fountain all decked out in Colts Blue! Then Paige decided to hop in for her version.                          



The flowers are still so colorful and the blue fountain added just the right balance for a pretty picture with mom, Elaine and Izzy.


Paige picked just the right shirt today and looks beautiful with the full pink blossoms lining the flower beds along the canal.


Of course Izzy and I had to get our own picture taken too.


We stopped by the 911 memorial to remember all those that were affected by that day in our countries history.



Elaine did some finishing touches on the mural.........JK!


And of course no stroll along the canal is complete without a stop to visit the mammoths outside the Indianan State Museum.



I'd say we all had a good time "Hangin" around the canal today.

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Beauty and the Beast ~ Franklin High School's 2013 Spring Musical

I'm a huge fan of the arts, not surprising since I'm a photographer which is an art form all it's own.  So, as you might imagine I'm very excited and honored to have been asked by Mr. Michael Hummel, the choral director at Franklin High School, to photograph the Franklin Community High School's 2013 spring musical "Beauty and the Beast."  I love theatre lighting for the drama and mood that it brings to life in the images. 


Everyone involved in the production of the "Beauty and the Beast" at Franklin High School have been hard at work, and they're all very excited to amuze and entertain their audience as they perform their spring musical March 7th and 8th at 7:00 p.m., and March 9th at 2:00 and 7:00 p.m.


So as they say "Be our guest, be our guest, be our guest!"  Come, sit back and relax. You'll be in for a real treat!



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2013 Project 52: Week 8 & 9  

Week 8

For week eight I decided to try a shot I had seen in a trick photography ebook I've been reading.  Simply place a small flash light or LED light behind the light bulb to illuminate it from behind.  It gives the illusion that the bulb is lit without being plugged into anything.  Any other bright ideas?

Week 9-3


Week 9-4

Week 9 was pretty busy, so I took a few images of "Buddy" our new family member who we found wondering the neighborhood for the past nine months or so, and decided he needs a REAL home.  He's settling in pretty nicely with our other two cats.


Week 9-2


Week 9-1

I call this image "Goody, Goody Gumdrops."  I've been wanting to try some underlighting in my photography, so I bought some gumdrops and put them on top of a clear container with a video LED light underneath for illumination.  I added a bit of side light using a garage utility light.  Nothing fancy.  I used an 18-55 kit lens with a macro lens attached.






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2013 Project 52: Week 7 Week 7-1

This week I decided to work on symmetry and do some reflection photography.  The strawberry in this first image was actually held up by my son with a toothpick, just hovering over the spoon.  I removed his fingers and the toothpick in post processing.


Week 7-2

This second image is three spoons sitting on a small gift bag that has flowers and jewels on it.  The stanless steel spoons naturally reflect the print on the bag. In both images I used natural light from a window behind me, as well as a small LED video light held just above the camera lens for added frontal lighting.



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2013 Project 52: Week 5 & 6 Week 5

Week five was a busy one and I barely had time to pull off my one shot of the week for my 2013 Project 52, but I made it a sweet one with a brownie sundae!  I wanted to put a cherry on top to add a pop of red, but didn't think I had any in the frig.  Low and behold a few days after this shot I found a jar of cherries at the back of one of the refrigerator door shelves....go figure.


Week 6-1

Week six has given me a lot more free time, so it's been a much more productive week in my photography world.  The first image I took was this Valentine's Day theme.  I was reading up on a technique to get different shapes of "Bokeh" (pronounced "bow-ke"...BO as in bow and KE as in Ken), just in case you wanted to know...anyway, bokeh is the appearance of those round, blurred circles or bubble shapes you see in the back ground of pictures.  So I played around with my newly discovered technique and got this image of heart shaped "Bokeh".  Can't wait to try some other shapes.


Week 6-2

The next three images I took in one day.  In fact I took them all in about one hour.  Just a quick picture of a chair on our front porch anxiuosly waiting for summer to too! 


Week 6-4

The last two are some spices and pepper jars I have in my kitchen.   I call this series "Spice It Up."  I had to chase one of my cats away several time suring this shoot.  She was quite attracted to the smell of all the chopped spices laying on the table.  Can't wait to see what inspiration comes my way in week seven!

Week 6-3








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Rhythm Masters ~ 2013


I always look forward to this time of year, because I get to spend my winter weekends photographing fun, energetic, quirky and very talented high school students performing their hearts out as part of the Whiteland High School show choir the "Rhythm Masters."  The Rhythm Masters are comprised of 24 students representing all four grade levels.  They're directed by WCHS choral director Mrs. Erica Colter, and choreographed by Mr. Marty DeMott.  




I've been doing this for 3 years now, ever since my daughter became a member of the Rhythm Masters, and it's a blast!  These kids are funny, talented and very well known and respected among the other show choirs they compete against. 



My daughter commented a few months ago about how I'm going to miss these competitions when she graduates this spring, but I informed her that I have no intention of giving up my winter tour with the Rhythm Masters.  It's too much fun!!




Good luck this competition season Rhythm Masters!  Crush it!!


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2013 Project 52: Week 4  

Week 4-1


Finally!  It was SO MUCH fun today to finally find some time to play with my new fish tank and shoot some water photography.  I just love shooting these kinds of challenging images, because when I finally get the timing right and see that image on the LCD screen that I was aiming for it's like magic!  My son Conner helped me with this one because I don't have a remote control for my Canon 7D (something I'll be ordering before bed tonight, believe me).  He dropped the orange in the tank while I pressed the shutter release on my camera.  It took about 15 shots, but we finally got the timing going good and these are the best three images.  What a blast!!  I'll be trying my hand at this again SOON!!

Week 4-3


Week 4-2



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2013 Project 52: Week 3 Week 3

I'm always in awe of the gorgeous sunsets that present themselves periodically outside my back door.  They remind me that God's abundant gifts to us are never far away, if we open our eyes, minds and hearts to his glory.  Life is so short, so embrace and enjoy the beauty in each and every day.

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2013 Project 52: Week 2 Week 2


I'm much more comfortable and confident behind the camera, but this week Indy Photo Coach's challange was "Low Light", so I put my insecurities aside and hopped in front of the camera for a self portrait using the light from my Ipad screen.  I actually like the result, not because I'm in the picture, but because I'm a sucker for dramatic, mood lighting, which is why I love doing theater/stage photography so much.  I never pass up an opportunity to take pictures of our high school plays, musicals and show choir performances.   LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the lighting!  After all, that's what photography is all about...light.

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2013 Project 52: Week 1  

Week 1



So, last year I started a Project 366 on January 1st, to take a picture every day of the year, trying many different kinds of photography in order to see things in ways that I might not otherwise notice or pay attention to, improve my skills and just have fun.  I began with bursting enthusiasm and a full intent to follow through for the entire 366 days of the year.  I was having a blast trying out so many cool new techniques I'd see in photography articles, or tutorials.  My family gradually became accustomed to seeing me contorted in very strange postions on the floor, the ground outside, on top of kitchen countertops, playing with water, wine, food, dice, playing name it.  I got them involved on many occasions, and even my cats began to ignore my camera pointing in their direction.


Well I made it through May and then life got in the way.  Not that I wasn't taking pictures mind you, I was taking them pretty much daily, but most of them were for my job at the golf academy, weddings, senior shoots, family sessions etc. and keeping up with my Project 366 postings on Flickr, Facebook etc. just got pushed aside. 


So this year I decided to try something a little more manageable....I hope anyway, by doing a Project 52, one photo a week.  It's highly unusual for me to take just one picture a week, but at least the pressure to take a "Fantastic" picture every day will be lifted.  I'm excited to begin this new photographic adventure of 2013, and I hope you follow along on my journey.  You'll notice I began with chocolate, my beloved favorite treat.  A very sweet way to begin the new year.  Happy New Year everyone! 

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Fall Break Fun Wow, it's been a busy fall break so far.  It began with a beautiful wedding session, then three senior sessions on The Canal, an engagement session, and a family photo session.  My parents came down from Wisconsin to visit, which I always look forward to, and I got to spend five glorious days with my beautiful, sweet granddaughter, Izzy.

We spent time playing board which Izzy beat me and great grandma LaPorte, and baking, she loves to do the mixing more than eating the finished product.

We also read books, colored, and went to Apple Works for some fall fun.



I know I'm a bit bias in saying so, but I think I have the cutest granddaughter there is.  She definitely has a very special place in my heart.

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Sneak Peek: Shawn + Shawna | Engagement Session This week I got to make a few visits to Apple Works, and the first one was for Shawn & Shawna's engagement session. They're such a nice couple and we had a fun time capturing some great images.

Their June 8th wedding will be held at Apple Works, so they decided to encorporate their engagement pictures into the Apple Works theme as well.  We were very blessed with some gorgeous fall colors for their engagement pictures, and I know they'll get some very pretty spring blossoms for the wedding images.

Can you tell we had a little bit of fun with this series. 

Can't wait to share in their very special day next June!

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Double Senior Session~Paige & Morgan Today I ventured to The Indiana State Museum and Canal to take some senior pictures for my daughter Paige and her good friend Morgan



It was another cold and windy October day in Indianapolis, but the sun was out and the girls braved the chilly temperatures to get some nice shots. 


 Hard to believe they're seniors already!  No doubt they will both be very successful ladies. 

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Erin ~ WCHS Class of 2013

Today I enjoyed some time at the Indiana State Museum and The Canal with Erin and her mom Christie, shooting her senior pictures.  Paige was gracious enough to assist me, and we managed to get some great images dispite the unseasonably cold temperatures.


We all love the fabulous art work along the canal, and we took advantage of the orange walls which happen to be one of Whiteland High School's colors.


After an hour or so out in the cold, we came back into the Indiana State Museum and got some awesome images of Erin!

Thank you so much Erin and Christie!  Paige and I had a great afternoon with you.  Best of luck at Purdue next year Erin!




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Sneak Peek: Ashley + Sean | Indianapolis Wedding

I had the distinct honor of spending this Saturday capturing the images from the wedding of a very special couple,           Ashley and Sean.  A big thank you to Mike Washington for once again assisting me in documenting this special couple's wedding day.


I was introduced to Ashley through another very special lady that I have the privilege of working with everyday, Katie Eastburn, who was one of the beautiful brides maids for Ashley.  Ashley and Sean had their evening wedding and reception at the beautiful Montage in Indianapolis.


I love the fall colors that adorned their beautiful wedding cake.  The flavor was carrot cake, one of my favorites!


The first dance of the bride and groom is always one of my favorites to photograph.  I love capturing the emotion and love they share for each other.


Before the evening came to and end we captured a little fun under the canopy of the Montage entrance.  Congratulations and best wishes to you Ashley & Sean! 













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Sneak Peek: Jacinda + Randy | Brown County Wedding

In case you haven't noticed by now, I LOVE beautiful sunsets and rich vibrant colors, and let me just say, that Jacinda and Randy take this gorgeous fall sunset over-the-top!  This light literally only lasts a few moments each day, so timing is everything.


Jacinda and Randy had a beautiful evening for their outdoor wedding ceremony and reception at Brown County State Park.  Just a few days ago the trees were still mostly green, so when we arrived for the ceremony we were quite excited to see they had changed.  They adorned us with their fabulous fall colors.  Jacinda looked stunning in her ruffled and sequined wedding dress proudly standing next to her handsome new husband Randy.


What a beautiful bride.


I love this image Mike Washington captured.  It speaks from the hearts of this amazing couple. Congratulations Jacinda & Randy!  May you enjoy a long and happy marriage, and a life time of happiness together!




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Sneak Peek: Stephanie + Jared | Plainfield Wedding  




Stephanie & Jared are a super sweet couple.  The weather was not as cooperative as we had all hoped for early in the evening, bringing heavy rain, hail and high winds right after their ceremony.  So we all went into Plan B and made the evening a success by waiting for the rains to stop around 10:30 p.m. to shoot bridal party photos outside. We headed out onto Futura Parkway at The Metropolis Mall just outside The Serendipity Banquet Hall and used the colorful lights and off-camera flash to create some memorable images.



Stephanie was gorgeous, full of smiles and so excited as she was escorted down the isle by her two very handsome little boys to meet Jared and become Mrs. Corbin.


Shortly before the ceremony began and the heavens opened up pouring down buckets of rain, my second shooter, Mike Washington managed to sneak in a few pictures of the guys outside. A handsome group of guys, don't ya think?



 Dispite the weather, the evening was full of beautiful moments, like Stephanie dancing with one of her handsome boys.



I'm so honored to have been a part of Stephanie and Jared's wedding day.  I wish for them a long and happy marriage and a life time of happiness ♥

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Sneak Peek: Anne + Chris | Indianapolis Wedding  



Anne & Chris are such a sweet couple.  I literally met them for the first time at their wedding rehearsal the night before their wedding ceremony.  Anne was referred to me by her good friend Emily Janowiak, who happend to be my son's photography teacher at Whiteland High School.  Anne is a doctor and her long hours left little time for us to meet, so we emailed over the past several months and finally got to meet in person.



Anne and Chris were married in the Sweeney Chapel at the Christian Theological Seminary on the Butler University campus.  A unique chapel with very interesting architecture and window lighting.  My photography assistant/second shooter, Michael Washington captured some beautiful images from the bird's eye view up in the balcony.



After their wedding ceremony we headed over to the beautiful Holcolm Gardens on the Butler University campus to take some pictures.  The Holcolm Memorial Carillon was the perfect spot for the wedding party portrait.  Anne and Chris look amazing next to the gorgeous fountain in the pond.



After our photo shoot in the gardens we headed over to The Rathskeller for Chris & Anne's reception. The guests were enjoying hor d'oeuveres and beverages, and anxiously awaiting their arrival. A delicious dinner was served, the speeches and toasts were given and the cheesecake was cut and served. Time to get down and boogie!





Love these next two images Mike captured!




The Rathskeller has a gorgeous staircase and lobby that I just had to take advantage of.  Mike did a fantastic job assisting with the lighting. 




Anne, Chris and their families were wonderful to work with, and I wish Anne & Chris a lifetime of happiness!










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