Denise Lundy Photography: Blog en-us (C) Denise Lundy Photography [email protected] (Denise Lundy Photography) Tue, 11 Oct 2022 08:28:00 GMT Tue, 11 Oct 2022 08:28:00 GMT Denise Lundy Photography: Blog 120 96 Cran-Apple Sauerkraut and Pork Chops I prepared this delicious sauerkraut side dish a couple of weeks ago, then went on vacation, so I’m just now getting back to my blog.

This Cran-Apple sauerkraut dish from Taste of Home was easy to prepare, and so good! I used Metta Gardens Medium Heat Kimchi for this recipe, which was the perfect compliment to the other ingredients. The flavors of the kimchi, sweet potatoes, bacon, apples and cranberries blended so well together.

I paired it with pork chops rather than pork loin, since that’s what I had on hand. You could literally serve this side dish with any meat.

You can use any kind of sauerkraut or kimchi for this recipe, I just happen to have access to the best variety from our local producer, Metta Gardens. It truly is the best, most flavorful sauerkraut with an amazing texture and crunch. So if you’re in my area, get yourself to the Greenwood farmers market on Saturday mornings, or check their Facebook page for the other markets where their products are sold. You won’t be disappointed. Enjoy!




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Oktoberfest Strudel It may not be October, but I had a taste of Octoberfest recently with this yummy Taste of Home Octoberfest Strudel. 

I used Metta Garden's delicious and flavorful Classic sauerkraut for this recipe, keeping it pretty traditional. The crunchy texture and unmatched flavor of Metta Garden's sauerkrauts is why they're absolutely the best. 

The ingredients and recipe were fairly simple, and the puff pastry is very easy to work with.

The nice thing about this Octoberfest Strudel recipe is that it's an entire meal all wrapped up into one lovely pastry. Personally, I would add an additional side of sauerkraut (just because I love it), or you could add some German potato salad, coleslaw or a traditional salad as well. 

My advice is not to wait until October to give this a try. Prepare this recipe year round. Enjoy!


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Reuben Egg's Benedict Okay, I know what you might be thinking, "Sauerkraut on eggs?" That's what I think about ketchup on eggs. But, a lot of people love ketchup on their eggs, and if you like sauerkraut, you will love this!

I used Metta Gardens Golden Sauerkraut, because of it's beautiful color and flavors which I thought paired well with this dish.

This Reuben Eggs Benedict recipe, which I discovered on Taste of Home is pretty straight forward and simple. I decided to use English muffins rather than the pretzel buns that are in the recipe, since I already had those on hand. 

The flavors all blend together so nicely, and the health benefits are a bonus. I highly recommend giving this tasty breakfast a try. Enjoy!


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Tasty and Versatile Romesco Sauce I can't believe I've never had romesco sauce before. This Metta Gardens romesco sauce is absolutely delicious!

The versatility of romesco sauce is another thing that makes it so fantastic. I discovered just a few of the ways romesco sauce can be used at Spoon From sandwiches, to pasta to burgers and more. 

I paired this Metta Gardens romesco sauce with goat cheese, crackers and Italian bread for a very tasty appetizer. 

I could have eaten this as a meal. It has protein from the almonds, veggies from the peppers, grains from the crackers and bread, and more protein from the cheese. 

I'm anxiously awaiting my next trip to our farmers market to snatch up another batch of this delectable, yummy sauce.


If you've never tried romesco sauce, like me, you don't know what you're missing! Go get some and enjoy it's wonderful flavor. I'm glad I'm no longer missing out. Enjoy!

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Apple Juniper Sauerkraut & Mango Salad This salad recipe from Happy Kitchens.Rocks is pretty straight forward and simple, yet chalk full of amazing flavor and healthy goodness. It calls for Russian-style sauerkraut, but I used Metta Gardens Apple Juniper sauerkraut.

The combination of crunchy, tart sauerkraut and sweet mango is so good! Every time I try an new combination like this one I'm simply amazed at how delicious they are together.

The sweet fruit and sauerkraut together are perfectly balanced. 

This salad would be the perfect side dish to just about any meat, with its deliciously appetizing colors and texture.

Another easy recipe that you definitely need to try. It certainly will be going in my favorites file.

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Savory Sauerkraut Soup I continued on my journey of preparing dishes using Metta Gardens sauerkrauts last week by preparing a savory soup, Slow Cooked Sauerkraut Soup from Taste of Home

I have to admit, I would have never thought of using sauerkraut in a soup, but as I search for recipes I'm pleasantly surprised to find gems like this one that have such immense flavor. For this recipe I used Metta Gardens Caraway Sauerkraut.

The caraway sauerkraut paired with all the vegetables in this soup was a perfect blend of flavors. A final touch of bacon pieces to top things off, and voila! 

I served up a grilled Swiss & cheddar cheese sandwich and iced tea with this soup to make a complete meal. 

Total yumminess! 


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Sensational Rice & Sauerkraut Salad The latest recipe I prepared using Metta Gardens sauerkraut was this sensational Northwoods Wild Rice Salad from Taste of Home. This salad was absolutely delicious! I literally could have eaten the entire bowl.

For this salad recipe I used the Metta Gardens (Vegan) Kimchi Mild Heat sauerkraut, which really added a boat load of flavor with its wonderful combination of spices. This version of Metta Gardens Kimchi is just right for those sauerkraut connoisseurs who like an occasional little kick of spiciness.

I used a package of Zatarain’s Long Grain & Wild Rice Mix that I had in my cupboard, but I think quinoa would work as well if you prefer that to rice.

A Pink Lady apple added a sweet, crisp flavor. The combination of sweet apple, tangy dressing, crisp celery, carrot and onion, and spicy kimchi sauerkraut is the perfect blend of flavors that makes this salad so delicious.

This recipe will definitely be in my favorites file.  It was easy to make, which is always a bonus, and simply packed with healthy goodness and flavor. I highly recommend you give this one a try. Enjoy!






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Flavorful Sauerkraut and Apple Latkes As I continue my experimentation of using Metta Gardens' sauerkrauts in recipes, I’m delighted to find so many delicious ways to incorporate these delectable, fermented vegetables into tasty sides and main dishes.

The latest recipe I tried was Sauerkraut Latkes from Taste of Home. I used Metta Gardens Golden Sauerkraut with its flavorful turmeric, ginger, and garlic flavors. Its beautiful golden color added an extra touch of visual appeal to the latkes. Now, don't fret if you don't live in my local area and don't have access to the Meta Gardens products, you can use any sauerkraut that's available to you. The recipe calls for Russet potatoes, peeled and shredded, but I chose the short cut of using frozen hash brown potato shreds, and the latkes turned out perfectly, proving you can simplify things and still come away with delicious dishes.

The aroma throughout my kitchen as these latkes were browning in the skillet was heavenly. I browned them to a light crispiness and topped them with some green onion.

The recipe calls for sour cream as another optional topping, which I normally have on hand at all times, but I discovered that I was completely out of sour cream, so I used a chipotle dressing instead, which was a flavorful compliment to these delicious sauerkraut and apple latkes.

As I’ve stated before, sauerkraut is a very beneficial probiotic for your digestive system. It's delicious on it's own, and there are so many tasty ways of incorporating it into a meal or side dish as well. So go ahead and give it a try. I highly recommend it!


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Tangy, Sweet Meatballs  

Growing up in central Wisconsin, which has a vast heritage of Polish and German ancestry, one tends to consume sauerkraut on a fairly regular basis. Such was the case in my home, even though my immediate family does not have a predominance of either Polish or German heritage. We just happen to like this tangy, fermented vegetable.  And, luckily my husband, who grew up in the same small Wisconsin town as me, loves it as well.

This sweet and tangy meatball and sauerkraut recipe from Taste of Home that I recently prepared for the first time was super easy to make, and very tasty. 

I used Metta Gardens Southwestern flavored sauerkraut for this dish, since the recipe already had a kick of spiciness to it with the other ingredients.

Metta Gardens is a small local company that is just recently branching out beyond the farmer's markets, and into the local retail marketplace as well, and I'm excited to be working with them to increase their brand exposure. They make the most amazing sauerkrauts that are packed with wonderful flavor and texture, and in case you weren’t aware, sauerkraut is a natural probiotic, making it very healthy for your digestive system. If you live in our local area you absolutely must visit Metta Gardens at the Saturday morning farmers market on Madison Avenue, and taste test their delicious products, or visit one of the other local retail locations where their products are now sold. Metta Gardens adds a variety of seasonings and spices to their original sauerkraut, making for a flavorful selection.  I actually enjoy eating it straight out of the container as much as I enjoy adding it to recipes. Below are just a few of the sauerkraut products they produce. I arrived to the farmers market a little too late last weekend, and they had already sold out of a lot of product, so I'll be heading there earlier next time.

I love sweet tasting recipes, but for me, the sauerkraut is the ingredient that should be the “Star” of this recipe, and I really want more of the sauerkraut flavor to come through with this one, so for my own personal taste, the next time I make this I’ll cut in half, or maybe even down to a forth the amount of cranberries and brown sugar. I think that will bring out more of the sauerkraut flavors nicely.

I made this recipe using my pressure cooker in about 30 minutes, compared to the slow cooker/crock-pot method of 3 to 4 hours that was suggested. I paired the cranberry sauerkraut meatballs with some German potato salad, and buttery seasoned green beans for a delicious flavor packed meal.

If you’ve never tried sauerkraut, I highly recommend giving it a try. It’s very beneficial to your digestive system, and there are so many tasty ways of incorporating it into a meal. So, get out those lederhosen and enjoy some sauerkraut! 




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EGGxtra Fun Project With Easter fast approaching I decided to try a variety of Easter egg decorating techniques. Pinterest has a TON of help in that area, so I hit them up for some tips and inspiration. I'm REALLY happy with the results!

The first technique involved using nail polish, called the Drip method. Pretty simple actually, just drip some polish of a couple colors into a container of water, use a tooth pick to gently and slowly merge the colors together a bit, dip the egg half way in, and repeat that process for the other side of the egg. Pretty cool, right?!

Another technique was using uncooked rice and food coloring. Well, of course I had no rice, but I had coconut flakes, so I improvised and it worked pretty well. You put rice (or coconut flakes in my case) into a small plastic container, add 15 drops of food coloring, shake it up and then put in a hard boiled egg and gently shake again. The egg becomes covered with a speckled design. My grandson made the light green one in this image (inside the basket next to the purple one).

The final technique I tried was tie dye. Super easy, but here's a warning... WEAR GLOVES! You can use paper towels, but I used wet wipes. Put a hard boiled egg in the center of the paper towel or wet wipe. Gather all of the wet wipe or paper towel material to the top, gently twist and secure with a small rubber band. Spray the whole thing to dampen it, and then while holding it up, add dots, stripes etc. of a variety of food colorings (Here's why you need the gloves!). After you have the colors the way you like, spray again to let the colors blend a little bit. Let these dry over night for the most saturated colors. I didn't take a picture of EVERY individual egg, so hopefully you can figure out my descriptions here...... The pretty red, green & white one in the center of the plate, along with the yellow, green & white one on the left (above the purple one) and the green with yellow stripe at the bottom are all tie dyed. 

There are literally thousands of ways to decorate Easter eggs, as I discovered. Some are WAY too artsy for my talents, but these were fairly simple, I had the ingredients (well, besides the rice), and the grand kids were able to participate in some of the designs, which they thought was pretty fun. The colorful eggs also made for a great food photography project, and A LOT of egg salad. Thank goodness I love egg salad!

Happy Easter!


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Piece of Cake  

One of my favorite details to photograph on a wedding day is the wedding cake, and I've had the privilege of capturing images of some beautiful wedding cakes over the years.


The intricate details that goes into them makes each cake so unique and special.


I'm not sure I would have the patience that it takes to construct these edible works of art.

I'm certainly glad there are patient and talented cake artists out there though who create all these lovely and tasty cakes.

They deserve a lot of credit and acknowledgment for their contribution in making the wedding reception beautiful and deliciously sweet.

From 3 tiers, to a modest one or two.



Or even donuts, cupcakes & cookies, 


The special care, time, creativity and love that is put into these confectionery creations is thoroughly enjoyed by all. Love is definitely sweet.

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Fresh Corn ~ Summer's Approaching I don't know about you, but I am SO ready for some warm summer weather, and when I spotted these ears of corn a few days ago at the grocery they reminded me of just that.

After I got them home I knew I wanted to grill them, but I thought "Huh, why not make a food photo out of these lovely ears of corn first." So I grabbed the ears of corn along with a few other veggies and went to work.


I had some radishes and peppers to add to the corn, but I had NO idea what I was going to do with these goodies. All I knew was that I'd end up with a colorful display it nothing else.

I kinda like the end result of my "Veggie Art."  The best part is it was completely edible! I grilled the corn the next day and smothered it with herb infused butter. Delizioso! Fresh, summer produce is the best, so venture out to your local farmers market soon, and enjoy all the wonderful flavors of the season. Bon appetit!



[email protected] (Denise Lundy Photography) corn corn on the cob Denise Lundy Photography food photography summer produce veggie art Tue, 09 Apr 2019 02:45:09 GMT
It is Spring, Isn't it? Day 81: Pear Tree Blossom #4Day 81: Pear Tree Blossom #4

As we begin the spring season, leaving the month of March behind (and hopefully the snow and cold weather as well) and enter into April, the thought of warm sunny days, a light breeze, pretty flowers, and indulging in a sweet glass of wine while sitting on my porch swing all seem within reach now. 

Day 87: Evil BeautyDay 87: Evil Beauty

I'll even settle for a dandelion or two at this point, as long as they bring along the warmth that spring and summer offer. 

Day 102: WeedDay 102: Weed

The good things is we know the warmer weather is right around the corner, and just the thought of that brings a sense of awakening and renewal. 

Day 106: FlowerDay 106: Flower


So hang in there with me as I wait with anticipation to see what the spring and summer seasons bring us. 

I have no doubt it will be spectacular, and well worth the wait.


[email protected] (Denise Lundy Photography) Denise Lundy Photography flower photography flowers macro flower photography macro photography spring summer sunset warm weather Mon, 01 Apr 2019 01:56:21 GMT
Lovely Lemon Cupcakes

I love the color yellow. Bright and cheery like the warm sun on a summer day. So it's no surprise that I also like lemonade, lemon drops, lemon meringue pie, lemon get the idea. 

So when I came across these lemon cupcakes on the sale rack at the grocery store (I'm also a sucker for a good sale), I did not hesitate to snatch them up.

They were a bit plain looking, so I grabbed a carton of raspberries to add a splash of color, and extra fruity flavor to them. I wasn't disappointed with my decision.

The little pop of red from the berries, and the extra flavor they added to these luscious lemon beauties were exactly what they needed. I rationed them, storing them in the frig to keep the creamy lemon frosting and juicy berries preserved for a bit, allowing myself a daily indulgence for four days. Total YUM!!

[email protected] (Denise Lundy Photography) cupcakes Denise Lundy Photography food photography lemon raspberry cupcakes vinyl backdrops Mon, 25 Mar 2019 03:55:08 GMT
Happy St. Patrick's Day! In celebration of St. Patrick's Day I decided to make some Irish Stew. Now, this stew was NOT homemade, so don't ask for the recipe. I cheated and bought the stew at Costco, and I must say it was pretty tasty. 


I hope you're St. Patrick's Day was full of all the luck of the Irish.


[email protected] (Denise Lundy Photography) Denise Lundy Photography food photography Irish stew vinyl backdrops Mon, 18 Mar 2019 02:37:05 GMT
Donuts Anyone? Donuts image #1

So, as it goes sometimes, life gets busy, time gets away from you, and before you know it YEARS have gone by. Five years to be exact since my last blog post. Wow, five years. That's pretty sad. But, my life and daily routine have settled back down now, so I've decided to jump back in and get rolling again with a little food photography. And what better way to begin than with donuts!



My schedule stays pretty busy with weddings, family sessions, high school senior sessions and newborn sessions, which are all GREAT things to be busy with, and I'm extremely grateful to have really amazing clients, many of whom are also my co-workers and friends. Grandkids are also at the top of my priority list, and I try to devote as much time as I can to them as well. But with my busy schedule I wasn't setting aside time to just play with my cameras, and I found myself missing those times when I just got out my camera and took pictures of random things, just to play with light and composition, whether that be food, flowers, still life objects, motion, you name it. All those things that fascinated me when I began my adventure in photography. So, while at the grocery store recently these donuts caught my eye, and I thought "Yes, let's do donuts."





I had forgotten how much fun it is to just pick up my camera, play around, experiment and create whatever comes to mind. I picked up a few other yummy things at the grocery store that I plan on taking pictures of soon, and with spring coming I'm sure there will be flowers calling my name also, so I'm excited to see what awaits me, and I'm looking forward to creating using "Random things" on a more regular basis again. 

[email protected] (Denise Lundy Photography) Denise Lundy Photography donuts food photography vinyl backdrops Sat, 16 Mar 2019 04:47:53 GMT
2014 ~ Week 3 Week three of the year 2014 was a busy one.  I continued on with my resolution of exercising more and eating better, and I must admit it does feel good to work up a sweat and feel muscles I forgot I had. I also had a blast with the Whiteland High School Rhythm Masters taking some fun portraits for their display case at the high school.  


I also rummaged around the house trying to find something historical to take a picture of for this weeks Indy Photo Coach / Indy Meetup Photo Club's photo challenge with the theme being "History."  I came across this newspaper I had tucked away and decided it was worthy of the title "Historical" so it became my photo of the week.  


Week 3 ~ HistoryWeek 3 ~ History

As I head into week four, I'm anticipating another busy week of photography as the Rhythm Masters enter into their competition season beginning with their preview night performance and after show dessert buffet reception on Thursday evening.  Then their first competition on Saturday at Fishers.  I'm really excited to see their show and capture some great performance shots of them in action. Week four, bring it on!!

[email protected] (Denise Lundy Photography) Mon, 20 Jan 2014 04:56:56 GMT
Project 52 ~ 2014 A couple years ago I decided to dive head first back into my photography and really push myself creatively, so I took on the 2012 Project 366 challenge, take a creative picture every day of the year.  It was loads of fun and really made me look at things and the world around me from different perspectives, and it got my camera in my hands on a daily basis.  It also had me looking for new techniques to use that I otherwise probably wouldn't have bothered with.   Unfortunately, after a couple of months I found the daily challenge of the Project 366 to be very difficult to keep up with given my work and personal schedule, and I wasn't able to continue with it on a regular basis.

Day 73: Mt DewDay 73: Mt Dew

So last year I decided to try something new, the weekly challenge, 2013 Project 52, take a purposeful, creative picture at least once a week.  It was a much more realistic venture given my schedule, and a huge success for me because I was able to complete the project!

Week 32Week 32

Since last year was such a success for me I decided to continue the tradition and start up again this year with my personal photography challenge, 2014 Project 52.  This year's project will comprise of images from a variety of things such as my daily life, objects I find interesting to photograph, favorites from photo sessions such as weddings, high school senior and family sessions, as well as high school show choir, musicals and plays just to name a few.  I'm also participating in a 52 Week Challenge hosted by Indy Photo Coach and IMUPC (Indy Meetup Photography Club) which consists of weekly themes, so some of my 2014 Project 52 images will be those that I submit for that group as well. 

Week 1 ~ ResolutionWeek 1 ~ Resolution

I'm very excited to see what creative juices flow for me this year, and I invite you to follow along with me on my photographic journey through the year 2014.  Check back here to see the latest images and you can also view my work on my Flickr site, and on my Facebook page.


Happy New Year!

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Stroll on the Canal Today was a beautiful fall day, and with family visiting from Wisconsin, who have never been downtown, I decided a canal walk was in order. My younger sister Elaine and I stopped for a picture with the famous Canal Fountain all decked out in Colts Blue! Then Paige decided to hop in for her version.                          



The flowers are still so colorful and the blue fountain added just the right balance for a pretty picture with mom, Elaine and Izzy.


Paige picked just the right shirt today and looks beautiful with the full pink blossoms lining the flower beds along the canal.


Of course Izzy and I had to get our own picture taken too.


We stopped by the 911 memorial to remember all those that were affected by that day in our countries history.



Elaine did some finishing touches on the mural.........JK!


And of course no stroll along the canal is complete without a stop to visit the mammoths outside the Indianan State Museum.



I'd say we all had a good time "Hangin" around the canal today.

[email protected] (Denise Lundy Photography) 911 Colts Blue Indiana State Museum Indianapolis Indy Canal fountain Fri, 18 Oct 2013 22:21:24 GMT
2013 Project 52: Week 8 & 9  

Week 8

For week eight I decided to try a shot I had seen in a trick photography ebook I've been reading.  Simply place a small flash light or LED light behind the light bulb to illuminate it from behind.  It gives the illusion that the bulb is lit without being plugged into anything.  Any other bright ideas?

Week 9-3


Week 9-4

Week 9 was pretty busy, so I took a few images of "Buddy" our new family member who we found wondering the neighborhood for the past nine months or so, and decided he needs a REAL home.  He's settling in pretty nicely with our other two cats.


Week 9-2


Week 9-1

I call this image "Goody, Goody Gumdrops."  I've been wanting to try some underlighting in my photography, so I bought some gumdrops and put them on top of a clear container with a video LED light underneath for illumination.  I added a bit of side light using a garage utility light.  Nothing fancy.  I used an 18-55 kit lens with a macro lens attached.






[email protected] (Denise Lundy Photography) Sun, 03 Mar 2013 17:40:54 GMT
2013 Project 52: Week 7 Week 7-1

This week I decided to work on symmetry and do some reflection photography.  The strawberry in this first image was actually held up by my son with a toothpick, just hovering over the spoon.  I removed his fingers and the toothpick in post processing.


Week 7-2

This second image is three spoons sitting on a small gift bag that has flowers and jewels on it.  The stanless steel spoons naturally reflect the print on the bag. In both images I used natural light from a window behind me, as well as a small LED video light held just above the camera lens for added frontal lighting.



[email protected] (Denise Lundy Photography) (strawberry and cream) fruit photography reflection spoon strawberry Sun, 10 Feb 2013 21:39:32 GMT
2013 Project 52: Week 5 & 6 Week 5

Week five was a busy one and I barely had time to pull off my one shot of the week for my 2013 Project 52, but I made it a sweet one with a brownie sundae!  I wanted to put a cherry on top to add a pop of red, but didn't think I had any in the frig.  Low and behold a few days after this shot I found a jar of cherries at the back of one of the refrigerator door shelves....go figure.


Week 6-1

Week six has given me a lot more free time, so it's been a much more productive week in my photography world.  The first image I took was this Valentine's Day theme.  I was reading up on a technique to get different shapes of "Bokeh" (pronounced "bow-ke"...BO as in bow and KE as in Ken), just in case you wanted to know...anyway, bokeh is the appearance of those round, blurred circles or bubble shapes you see in the back ground of pictures.  So I played around with my newly discovered technique and got this image of heart shaped "Bokeh".  Can't wait to try some other shapes.


Week 6-2

The next three images I took in one day.  In fact I took them all in about one hour.  Just a quick picture of a chair on our front porch anxiuosly waiting for summer to too! 


Week 6-4

The last two are some spices and pepper jars I have in my kitchen.   I call this series "Spice It Up."  I had to chase one of my cats away several time suring this shoot.  She was quite attracted to the smell of all the chopped spices laying on the table.  Can't wait to see what inspiration comes my way in week seven!

Week 6-3








[email protected] (Denise Lundy Photography) Wed, 06 Feb 2013 01:43:46 GMT
2013 Project 52: Week 4  

Week 4-1


Finally!  It was SO MUCH fun today to finally find some time to play with my new fish tank and shoot some water photography.  I just love shooting these kinds of challenging images, because when I finally get the timing right and see that image on the LCD screen that I was aiming for it's like magic!  My son Conner helped me with this one because I don't have a remote control for my Canon 7D (something I'll be ordering before bed tonight, believe me).  He dropped the orange in the tank while I pressed the shutter release on my camera.  It took about 15 shots, but we finally got the timing going good and these are the best three images.  What a blast!!  I'll be trying my hand at this again SOON!!

Week 4-3


Week 4-2



[email protected] (Denise Lundy Photography) (fruit (water photography photography) splash) Wed, 23 Jan 2013 03:04:05 GMT
2013 Project 52: Week 3 Week 3

I'm always in awe of the gorgeous sunsets that present themselves periodically outside my back door.  They remind me that God's abundant gifts to us are never far away, if we open our eyes, minds and hearts to his glory.  Life is so short, so embrace and enjoy the beauty in each and every day.

[email protected] (Denise Lundy Photography) Thu, 17 Jan 2013 00:12:00 GMT
2013 Project 52: Week 2 Week 2


I'm much more comfortable and confident behind the camera, but this week Indy Photo Coach's challange was "Low Light", so I put my insecurities aside and hopped in front of the camera for a self portrait using the light from my Ipad screen.  I actually like the result, not because I'm in the picture, but because I'm a sucker for dramatic, mood lighting, which is why I love doing theater/stage photography so much.  I never pass up an opportunity to take pictures of our high school plays, musicals and show choir performances.   LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the lighting!  After all, that's what photography is all about...light.

[email protected] (Denise Lundy Photography) Fri, 11 Jan 2013 02:37:45 GMT
2013 Project 52: Week 1  

Week 1



So, last year I started a Project 366 on January 1st, to take a picture every day of the year, trying many different kinds of photography in order to see things in ways that I might not otherwise notice or pay attention to, improve my skills and just have fun.  I began with bursting enthusiasm and a full intent to follow through for the entire 366 days of the year.  I was having a blast trying out so many cool new techniques I'd see in photography articles, or tutorials.  My family gradually became accustomed to seeing me contorted in very strange postions on the floor, the ground outside, on top of kitchen countertops, playing with water, wine, food, dice, playing name it.  I got them involved on many occasions, and even my cats began to ignore my camera pointing in their direction.


Well I made it through May and then life got in the way.  Not that I wasn't taking pictures mind you, I was taking them pretty much daily, but most of them were for my job at the golf academy, weddings, senior shoots, family sessions etc. and keeping up with my Project 366 postings on Flickr, Facebook etc. just got pushed aside. 


So this year I decided to try something a little more manageable....I hope anyway, by doing a Project 52, one photo a week.  It's highly unusual for me to take just one picture a week, but at least the pressure to take a "Fantastic" picture every day will be lifted.  I'm excited to begin this new photographic adventure of 2013, and I hope you follow along on my journey.  You'll notice I began with chocolate, my beloved favorite treat.  A very sweet way to begin the new year.  Happy New Year everyone! 

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Fall Break Fun Wow, it's been a busy fall break so far.  It began with a beautiful wedding session, then three senior sessions on The Canal, an engagement session, and a family photo session.  My parents came down from Wisconsin to visit, which I always look forward to, and I got to spend five glorious days with my beautiful, sweet granddaughter, Izzy.

We spent time playing board which Izzy beat me and great grandma LaPorte, and baking, she loves to do the mixing more than eating the finished product.

We also read books, colored, and went to Apple Works for some fall fun.



I know I'm a bit bias in saying so, but I think I have the cutest granddaughter there is.  She definitely has a very special place in my heart.

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Sneak Peek: Ashley + Sean | Indianapolis Wedding

I had the distinct honor of spending this Saturday capturing the images from the wedding of a very special couple,           Ashley and Sean.  A big thank you to Mike Washington for once again assisting me in documenting this special couple's wedding day.


I was introduced to Ashley through another very special lady that I have the privilege of working with everyday, Katie Eastburn, who was one of the beautiful brides maids for Ashley.  Ashley and Sean had their evening wedding and reception at the beautiful Montage in Indianapolis.


I love the fall colors that adorned their beautiful wedding cake.  The flavor was carrot cake, one of my favorites!


The first dance of the bride and groom is always one of my favorites to photograph.  I love capturing the emotion and love they share for each other.


Before the evening came to and end we captured a little fun under the canopy of the Montage entrance.  Congratulations and best wishes to you Ashley & Sean! 













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Spring Break 2012: Greenwood Style Even though I would love to be on a warm sunny beach right now, relaxing and soaking up some rays, it's been a very nice spring break right here in Greenwood spending some time with my granddaughter Izzy.  We spent the first two days painting her aunt Paige's bedroom.  Purple and teal walls are quite a drastic change from the pale pink and white, and amazingly Izzy only got a little bit of paint on her legs.  She was a great helper.  Today was gorgeous outside with temperatures in the mid 80's so we spent the afternoon on a "McDonald"s" picnic in the park, some playground time, and a trip to Mrs. Curl's Icecream.  Doesn't get any better than that.  Except maybe a day of sand castle construction on a warm sandy beach.  Ahh well, maybe next year.

Day 92: Painting










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Daisy Bouquet My sister recently asked for a picture of multi colored daisies to enlarge and hang in her kitchen, so I stopped at the store today and purchased a bouquet to photograph for her and for today's 2012~ Project 366 assignment.  Just so happens that I benefit from this photography session too, as I now have a lovely flower arrangement on my kitchen island to enjoy for the next several days.  Lucky me!Day 82: Daisies Day 82: Blue Daisy #1 Day 82: Orange Daisy Day 82: Purple Daisy Day 82: Blue Daisy #2

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Signs of Spring Day 65: Signs of Spring


Seems this spring has turned out to be an "In like a lion...." one with the devestating tornados and unbelievable damage in the midwest last week, especially right hear in our own backyard of Henryville, and Marysville, Indiana.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by these horrific storms. 


Up until last Friday, Mother Nature had been kind to us here with what seemed to be an almost non existent winter.  I've found this to be good and bad at the same time.  Good because unlike the kid I was growing up in Wisconsin, where winter seemed to begin in October (No kidding, I remember trick-or-treating and cheering at football games in snow) and spending every Saturday and Sunday from sunup to sundown ice skating or sledding was the norm, never giving the temperature much thought, I'm no longer that cold weather person.  Wamer winters is an OK thing now.  But as a photographer the snow and icicles can be a beautiful sight, a feast for the eyes and just plain makes for better images than drab, dormant grass and bare, skeletal trees. 


But the benefit of a warmer, not so snowy and somewhat dull, drab looking winter is the early arrival of spring's little gems, popping up to bring color, life and a breath of fresh air back to the landscape of our lives.  I'm so anxious to get back outside and take pictures of graduating seniors, beautiful brides, kids having a blast at Gongaware Golf Academy, and add to my Project 366 with those amazing summer sunsets.


I hope spring will be kinder from here-on-out, and go out peacefully like a lamb, leaving us with summer's warmth to take it's place.


Smiles and Happiness,


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Official Blog Launch Day 5: Oliver Wine in a Glass


Welcome to my new blog!!

I'm so excited to finally get my blog up and running!  As a photographer, I use Zenfolio for my web site hosting, and they just added the long awaited and much anticipated blog feature for all us Zennies.  I was debating on which blog host to use, and there are plenty of them out there to chose from which makes the whole process a bit overwhelming, but Zenfolio just made that mind boggling process a whole lot easier for me, Hallelujah!

I've been keeping busy this winter with my 2012~Project 366 pictures, and I must say it's been loads of fun so far.  A bit overwhelming some days trying to fit it into my already busy schedule, but worth every minute.  These Project 366 daily "photo challenges" that I set for myself, have me seeing things in ways I've never seen them before, because I'm purposely looking at things differently.  From different angles and perspectives, to trying different lighting just to see how things look when they're illuminated differently.  I can't go anywhere now without looking at things from a photographic view point analyzing the light, shadow, texture, shape etc.  It's exciting to know that this "New Awakening" of my photography senses is going to allow me to be take my skills to the next level and do some great things in 2012.  I hope you'll come along for the ride!


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