Welcome to my web site. I hope you enjoy my photographs and slideshows.

I'll admit it, I'm a photography junkie. I'm addicted to everything photography. Books, magazines, blogs, web sites, tutorials, workshops you name it. I am continually striving to learn new photography techniques to keep my skills fresh and up-to-date. I take advantage of every opportunity I can to learn something new, because I believe learning allows me to grow in so many ways, and I intend to grow for as long as God will allow me.

In 1999 when my children were very young I bought a Canon Rebel 35mm film camera and began taking pictures almost daily. I've filled many photo albums over the years, and my children and I still enjoy pulling them off the shelf and glancing through them today.

After a few years with my Canon Rebel, I decided to take my photography to a new level, so in 2001 I enrolled with the New York Institute of Photography, and through their correspondence course I earned my certification in Professional Photography in 2004.  In 2006 I took the leap into the digital world and now use only high quality DSLR equipment along with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for editing.  I'm trained and skilled to work with natural light, studio lights and off camera flash equipment, making myself adaptable to any lighting situation.  Through my studies and continuing education I've immersed myself in the art of photography, and in the process developed the skills necessary to take the quality photographs I envision.  

Photography is my passion and my top priority is capturing and producing high quality images of special moments, events and life's milestones for my clients. The greatest reward for me is being able to capture time and deliver it to my clients in photographs they can admire and cherish for a lifetime. My motto is "Every day is full of precious moments. Capture as many as you can."

Thank you for visiting,

Denise Lundy