Welcome! Glad you stopped by. If you're up for an eclectic collection of images, and subject matter then you've come to the right place. I love people photography, and I do quite a bit of that. Engagements, weddings, families, newborns, high school seniors, theater performances, events, and head shots. Of course my family is also included in that category, including the fur babies, and with four grandkids I'm never at a loss for subjects to photograph.

I also really enjoy photographing tasty food, beautiful flowers, thirst quenching beverages, exquisite jewelry and other random still life items. So, depending on the day, the photography mood I'm in, or what's crammed into my schedule, you never know what might pop up on my blog, but at the very least I'll try to keep it interesting, and I hope you stop by often to take a peek.

Piece of Cake

April 10, 2019  •  Leave a Comment


One of my favorite details to photograph on a wedding day is the wedding cake, and I've had the privilege of capturing images of some beautiful wedding cakes over the years.


The intricate details that goes into them makes each cake so unique and special.


I'm not sure I would have the patience that it takes to construct these edible works of art.

I'm certainly glad there are patient and talented cake artists out there though who create all these lovely and tasty cakes.

They deserve a lot of credit and acknowledgment for their contribution in making the wedding reception beautiful and deliciously sweet.

From 3 tiers, to a modest one or two.



Or even donuts, cupcakes & cookies, 


The special care, time, creativity and love that is put into these confectionery creations is thoroughly enjoyed by all. Love is definitely sweet.

Fresh Corn ~ Summer's Approaching

April 08, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

I don't know about you, but I am SO ready for some warm summer weather, and when I spotted these ears of corn a few days ago at the grocery they reminded me of just that.

After I got them home I knew I wanted to grill them, but I thought "Huh, why not make a food photo out of these lovely ears of corn first." So I grabbed the ears of corn along with a few other veggies and went to work.


I had some radishes and peppers to add to the corn, but I had NO idea what I was going to do with these goodies. All I knew was that I'd end up with a colorful display it nothing else.

I kinda like the end result of my "Veggie Art."  The best part is it was completely edible! I grilled the corn the next day and smothered it with herb infused butter. Delizioso! Fresh, summer produce is the best, so venture out to your local farmers market soon, and enjoy all the wonderful flavors of the season. Bon appetit!



It is Spring, Isn't it?

March 31, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Day 81: Pear Tree Blossom #4Day 81: Pear Tree Blossom #4

As we begin the spring season, leaving the month of March behind (and hopefully the snow and cold weather as well) and enter into April, the thought of warm sunny days, a light breeze, pretty flowers, and indulging in a sweet glass of wine while sitting on my porch swing all seem within reach now. 

Day 87: Evil BeautyDay 87: Evil Beauty

I'll even settle for a dandelion or two at this point, as long as they bring along the warmth that spring and summer offer. 

Day 102: WeedDay 102: Weed

The good things is we know the warmer weather is right around the corner, and just the thought of that brings a sense of awakening and renewal. 

Day 106: FlowerDay 106: Flower


So hang in there with me as I wait with anticipation to see what the spring and summer seasons bring us. 

I have no doubt it will be spectacular, and well worth the wait.


Lovely Lemon Cupcakes

March 24, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

I love the color yellow. Bright and cheery like the warm sun on a summer day. So it's no surprise that I also like lemonade, lemon drops, lemon meringue pie, lemon bars....you get the idea. 

So when I came across these lemon cupcakes on the sale rack at the grocery store (I'm also a sucker for a good sale), I did not hesitate to snatch them up.

They were a bit plain looking, so I grabbed a carton of raspberries to add a splash of color, and extra fruity flavor to them. I wasn't disappointed with my decision.

The little pop of red from the berries, and the extra flavor they added to these luscious lemon beauties were exactly what they needed. I rationed them, storing them in the frig to keep the creamy lemon frosting and juicy berries preserved for a bit, allowing myself a daily indulgence for four days. Total YUM!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

March 17, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

In celebration of St. Patrick's Day I decided to make some Irish Stew. Now, this stew was NOT homemade, so don't ask for the recipe. I cheated and bought the stew at Costco, and I must say it was pretty tasty. 


I hope you're St. Patrick's Day was full of all the luck of the Irish.


Donuts Anyone?

March 15, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Donuts image #1

So, as it goes sometimes, life gets busy, time gets away from you, and before you know it YEARS have gone by. Five years to be exact since my last blog post. Wow, five years. That's pretty sad. But, my life and daily routine have settled back down now, so I've decided to jump back in and get rolling again with a little food photography. And what better way to begin than with donuts!



My schedule stays pretty busy with weddings, family sessions, high school senior sessions and newborn sessions, which are all GREAT things to be busy with, and I'm extremely grateful to have really amazing clients, many of whom are also my co-workers and friends. Grandkids are also at the top of my priority list, and I try to devote as much time as I can to them as well. But with my busy schedule I wasn't setting aside time to just play with my cameras, and I found myself missing those times when I just got out my camera and took pictures of random things, just to play with light and composition, whether that be food, flowers, still life objects, motion, you name it. All those things that fascinated me when I began my adventure in photography. So, while at the grocery store recently these donuts caught my eye, and I thought "Yes, let's do donuts."





I had forgotten how much fun it is to just pick up my camera, play around, experiment and create whatever comes to mind. I picked up a few other yummy things at the grocery store that I plan on taking pictures of soon, and with spring coming I'm sure there will be flowers calling my name also, so I'm excited to see what awaits me, and I'm looking forward to creating using "Random things" on a more regular basis again. 

2014 ~ Week 3

January 19, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Week three of the year 2014 was a busy one.  I continued on with my resolution of exercising more and eating better, and I must admit it does feel good to work up a sweat and feel muscles I forgot I had. I also had a blast with the Whiteland High School Rhythm Masters taking some fun portraits for their display case at the high school.  


I also rummaged around the house trying to find something historical to take a picture of for this weeks Indy Photo Coach / Indy Meetup Photo Club's photo challenge with the theme being "History."  I came across this newspaper I had tucked away and decided it was worthy of the title "Historical" so it became my photo of the week.  


Week 3 ~ HistoryWeek 3 ~ History

As I head into week four, I'm anticipating another busy week of photography as the Rhythm Masters enter into their competition season beginning with their preview night performance and after show dessert buffet reception on Thursday evening.  Then their first competition on Saturday at Fishers.  I'm really excited to see their show and capture some great performance shots of them in action. Week four, bring it on!!

Project 52 ~ 2014

January 08, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

A couple years ago I decided to dive head first back into my photography and really push myself creatively, so I took on the 2012 Project 366 challenge, take a creative picture every day of the year.  It was loads of fun and really made me look at things and the world around me from different perspectives, and it got my camera in my hands on a daily basis.  It also had me looking for new techniques to use that I otherwise probably wouldn't have bothered with.   Unfortunately, after a couple of months I found the daily challenge of the Project 366 to be very difficult to keep up with given my work and personal schedule, and I wasn't able to continue with it on a regular basis.

Day 73: Mt DewDay 73: Mt Dew

So last year I decided to try something new, the weekly challenge, 2013 Project 52, take a purposeful, creative picture at least once a week.  It was a much more realistic venture given my schedule, and a huge success for me because I was able to complete the project!

Week 32Week 32

Since last year was such a success for me I decided to continue the tradition and start up again this year with my personal photography challenge, 2014 Project 52.  This year's project will comprise of images from a variety of things such as my daily life, objects I find interesting to photograph, favorites from photo sessions such as weddings, high school senior and family sessions, as well as high school show choir, musicals and plays just to name a few.  I'm also participating in a 52 Week Challenge hosted by Indy Photo Coach and IMUPC (Indy Meetup Photography Club) which consists of weekly themes, so some of my 2014 Project 52 images will be those that I submit for that group as well. 

Week 1 ~ ResolutionWeek 1 ~ Resolution

I'm very excited to see what creative juices flow for me this year, and I invite you to follow along with me on my photographic journey through the year 2014.  Check back here to see the latest images and you can also view my work on my Flickr site, and on my Facebook page.


Happy New Year!

Stroll on the Canal

October 18, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Today was a beautiful fall day, and with family visiting from Wisconsin, who have never been downtown, I decided a canal walk was in order. My younger sister Elaine and I stopped for a picture with the famous Canal Fountain all decked out in Colts Blue! Then Paige decided to hop in for her version.                          



The flowers are still so colorful and the blue fountain added just the right balance for a pretty picture with mom, Elaine and Izzy.


Paige picked just the right shirt today and looks beautiful with the full pink blossoms lining the flower beds along the canal.


Of course Izzy and I had to get our own picture taken too.


We stopped by the 911 memorial to remember all those that were affected by that day in our countries history.



Elaine did some finishing touches on the mural.........JK!


And of course no stroll along the canal is complete without a stop to visit the mammoths outside the Indianan State Museum.



I'd say we all had a good time "Hangin" around the canal today.

2013 Project 52: Week 8 & 9

March 03, 2013  •  Leave a Comment


Week 8

For week eight I decided to try a shot I had seen in a trick photography ebook I've been reading.  Simply place a small flash light or LED light behind the light bulb to illuminate it from behind.  It gives the illusion that the bulb is lit without being plugged into anything.  Any other bright ideas?

Week 9-3


Week 9-4

Week 9 was pretty busy, so I took a few images of "Buddy" our new family member who we found wondering the neighborhood for the past nine months or so, and decided he needs a REAL home.  He's settling in pretty nicely with our other two cats.


Week 9-2


Week 9-1

I call this image "Goody, Goody Gumdrops."  I've been wanting to try some underlighting in my photography, so I bought some gumdrops and put them on top of a clear container with a video LED light underneath for illumination.  I added a bit of side light using a garage utility light.  Nothing fancy.  I used an 18-55 kit lens with a macro lens attached.






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